Protecting your car interior for the Summer

This year, Australian summer is expected to be warmer than average. As lovely as it is to be out and about and enjoy the summer sun, excessive sun exposure can be damaging to your car. Before you get lost in your beach and barbecue plans, it is crucial to protect not only your car’s exterior but also your auto upholstery and trimmings for the summer.

Sun damage also does not merely make your car look dull. Interior sun damage can affect your driving experience and overall comfort. As car interior experts, we’ve encountered countless interior restorations for the most common damages caused by sun exposure.

Leather Car Seat Damage

Too much sunlight can dry and fade leather, especially seats. And because your car is continuously exposed to the sun when you drive on during the day or park it in an open space when you’re indoors, car manufacturers test car seats to endure sun exposure. But simulations can only test leather qualities so far.

Although leather is one of the most durable fabric materials, it is still in fact, skin. Too much heat causes leather’s moisture and natural oils to evaporate. This can lead to unsightly, premature cracks which may be costly to repair or even completely irreparable.

Dashboard Problems


Right behind the windshield, the dashboard gets the most sunlight among your car interior components. On top of that, the windshield magnifies the heat that goes through onto the dash. The same goes for rear decks. Accumulated trapped heat inside the car causes the dashboard material to degrade. The combination of UV rays and high temperature can break the chemical bonds of the dashboard materials, fading the surface colour and deteriorating its appearance.

What to Do

Prevention will always be better than cure, and it will stand true as long as the sun shines. Take these precautions to keep your interior safe from sun damage. Here are our top-tips to keep your cars interior looking its best:

Proactively protecting your car from sun damage during summer and sunny days will pay off in the long run. Aside from keeping yourself from costly repairs for unanticipated problems, you will get to appreciate your interior’s appearance and your car’s value for a while longer.

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