4 Signs it’s time for car upholstery repairs

Many people consider car interior reupholstering and restoration as an effort for luxury, even extravagance.

It’s completely understandable because most interiors of new cars are manufactured to last for years and that most people who reupholster theirs do so for aesthetic purposes or are restoration hobbyists on a project.

But car interiors naturally decrease their quality over time due to everyday wear and tear. The older a car is, the more its interior has gone through, particularly the seats, and especially when the vehicle has been through different owners.

When it comes to car upholstery repairs such as fixing roof lining, seats and trims, most car owners opt for spot-fixing and DIY as these are the most practical solutions. But how can you tell if it’s time for some pro reupholstering and car restoration services?

We’re spilling the beans.

Your interior has irreparable damages

We spend a considerable amount of time in our cars and we do all sorts of stuff in it. We load an assortment of things, drive passengers around, and park in various places under changing weather conditions. All these can wear interiors and cause damages. They may come as torn covers, faded colours, flat foams, crumbling battings, cracked leather, and water damages.

Granted that minor damages can be simply rectified, damages that are left unrepaired can get worse. Accumulated and repeated damages that have been patched up multiple times over can also bring your seats and interior to an irreparable state. If you’re faced with severe interior damage, take your car to your local auto upholstery shop for an assessment.

You have interior odour issues that professional detailing can’t rectify

Water getting into your car, spilled food and drinks, dust, and a couple of car malfunctions can make the inside of your vehicle smelling awful and make a drive one hell of an experience. Normally, this can easily be addressed by cleaning, using car fresheners, professional detailing, or a few replacements of some covers or mats. In cases where the odour has been there for a while and do not go away with expert cleaning or fresheners, your interior itself may actually be the problem.

You and your passengers are constantly uncomfortable

Car seats are supposed to have enough support for your neck, shoulders, lumbar and bottom to ensure comfort and promote a healthy posture. Unfortunately, a lot of cars manufactured in the past two decades are challenging in this aspect. Although there are relatively quick and easy fixes with the help of bolsters and headrest, old car seats with flat cushions and battings, uneven backrests and bases, and detached bolters get more and more difficult to adjust to in time. Getting used to this kind of discomfort can cause body pains and may lead to serious physical conditions.

You keep on spot treating and adjusting your interior that reupholstering is a more cost-efficient solution

Imagine fixing a tear in your door trimming one month, patching up your seat cover the next, and taping a bolster the following month. If your car’s interior keeps on gradually breaking down and coming apart, assess the amount of time, effort, and money you spend each time you try to fix any issue and compare it to the cost and convenience of reupholstering them all together in one go.

Any or a combination of these is reason enough to consider reupholstering your interior. Of course you can always do so if you want to upgrade how your car looks on the inside.

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